Command Box for Maya (collect-filter-execute your own codes)

Command Box for Maya (collect-filter-execute your own codes)

alternative to maya shelf. (currently only mel supported. py will be added in next update)

- Collect your mel script. - Attach code-animated-preview-images .

- (you may attach generated gifs to remember how command mimics) - Filter and Double click to run your collected mel code.

all installation guide steps explained at:


1- COPY CommandBox Directory in to modules path. (if you dont know modules path use install_drag_me_to_maya_viewport.mel) this script will open your module path. 2- Edit commandbox.txt set SET_THIS_TO_MODULE_PATH\CommandBox to new path you copied. 3- move Commandbox.txt to its prior directory (move to module path) 4- restart maya 5- type “source ktCommandBox” command line. 6- set <”> (quota) to hotkey


Appending New Command – Write command Label. – Press + button. – Scrolldown in the list. Because new command added to the end. – Write your script (or drag drop from Windows Explorer to Script Section) – Press Save Button.

Filtering Command List -press hotkey <"> (quota) -eg. you are searching "Select All Polygons" just write eg. "se al p".press enter.  because semiword non-case sensitive filtering.  Double Click in the filtered command list to run one of filtered commands

TODO: will add python file collecting functionality full automatic installation functionality.

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