Auto Center Of Interest (focus to selected like zbrush)

Auto Center Of Interest (focus to selected like zbrush)

its worth to watch 2minute video preview before read description
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As you know ‘F’ key is the standard “frame selection” function in Maya. the forgatten functionality within maya is the “Auto Center Of Interest” as many popular app like zbrush 3dcoat have already got it.

ktCenterOfInterest will add a menu item “Auto Center Of Interest” in panels menu items under Look at Selection. by the way if you select polygon, vertice, edge,face or whatsoever. camera focuses to center of the selected meta and you can rotate the camera around it smoothly without immediate change of camera mimics zbrush autofocus or 3dcoat’s F key functionality. just click you wantto focus and smoothly navigate around the camera without immediate weird jump of camera with “F”. simply this script is a replace of “Frame Selection”

usage: under all four viewPorts menu>under “Look At selection” “Auto Center Of Interest”. click this menu to toggle on of.

version 2.1.1
Maya 2018 Compatibility added. (Not tested in Maya 2017 yet)
version 2.1
- Maya Ext2 Sp2 (Maya2016.5 Extenstion 2 Service Pack2) compatibility.
version 2.0
- New function added namely “Auto Look At” to the viewport menus

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