24 Tiny Characters V2

24 Tiny Characters V2

animations sample :

24 Tiny Characters Ver.2
Clean, fresh and color full game character, This package is contain 24 tiny game character. the Character assets is build with vector software and animated with Spine Animations, to edit shape of the character please open in Adobe Illustrator or software with support AI and EPS. All PNG files was separated and transparent ( no background ). to edit the animations you can open the spine file located in spine folder with Spine animations software.
What you will get in the package:

  • 24 game character include sprite animation pose
  • Ground character sprite set : Walk – Die – Idle – Jump – Roll
  • Ground character mele sprite set : Walk – Die – Idle – Jump – Roll – Attack
  • Flying character sprite set : Fly / Moving – Die – Idle / Hangging
  • 2 Fx sprite set : jetpack smoke & Shoot Fx
  • Ai and EPS file
  • Spine file for edit the animations
  • Png files Background transparent

If you having difficult Please dont hesitate to contact me here http://graphicriver.net/user/Fikri or send email directly to fikri.web [at] gmail.com and also If there any suggest or idea for improvement feel free to contact me, if it possible I will add your request in further updates.

Good luck with your Game, Thank you for buying and share.

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